the presentt.

And back to where I finished off at -- well, yeah, we went to this awesome cafe' thing, it was heaps cool. It looked like Noah's Ark... something I'd heard about in Sunday school way back when my auntie brought me there every Sunday, until Dad told her I should decide for myself whether I should go to church or not. I wanted to, but Dad basically decided for himself, and stopped me going. So much for me decided mySELF.

Well, anyway... Indi and I were laughing away -- it was sooo fun. Sometimes Tay was too, but then she'd stop and look away, as though she was thinking about the past, and was sad or something. I guessed she was just missing her best friend. Eww, don't like him.

Anyway, and then we got like two milkshakes each -- THAT was cool. And then Taylor told one of the workers that it was my 13th birthday today, and... it was kinda embarrassing but cool at the same time, the lady brought three cupcakes with candles on them and got heaps of people to sing happy birthday to us. She said it was for free (because she was like, the boss of the whole shop or something) but Taylor gave her money anyway. And then we got this other little apple pie thing, and left!

It was way fun. Heaps funner than I thought it would be.

"That Strawberry milkshake was SO nice!" Indi said, as we headed out of the cafe'.

"I loved my chocolate one." Taylor said.

"Nah -- strawberry best by far." I said.

Taylor laughed. "Well, happy birthday, Bonnie... I hope you had a great birthday party."

"Of course I did, silly!" I cried, nudging Tay.

Taylor was still laughing. "Good. Because it's not over."

I just stared at her.

"You forgot the birthday presents, silly," Indi said. It was her turn to nudge me.

"Riiightt... like, just your present to me."

"Nope." Tay said. She unlocked the car doors and we all got inside. "I have one too. And it's right here." And then she placed the box that was wrapped with purple and green swirl wrapping paper on my lap, and both Indi and Taylor smiled at me. It was a pretty small box, and it was long, and it looked... really important.

A huge smile was on my face -- I was probably acting really immature, but, who cares! I didn't think I was actually going to get a birthday PRESENT, object thingie, from Tay... I mean, my party was good enough.

And then I softly opened it, and saw just like... another box. Except this one was decorated and yellow with a bow on it. I lifed up the lid, and there was a silver necklace, with a silver heart. I looked up at Tay.

"It was mum's." Taylor said.

I didn't know what to say to that. Because that was too... precious.

"But -- it should be yours," I said after a while.

Taylor shook her head. "I had it for a while, but it belongs to you now."

All I could do was smile. "Did she really wear this?"

"That's what Dad said. And I've seen it on her in one of the photos in the attic."

I looked back down at the precious necklace, and picked it up like it was burried treasure in those movies. And then Taylor put it around my neck and I felt it the whole way home. I had my mothers journal, and then I had her necklace. That was half good, but half not.

Bonnie <3

p.s. will write more later.


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