my partyyy:D

I thought of so many things for my party, and like, I did none of it. There was a pool party (we have a pool in out backyard) that I thought of, but Dad said I couldn't because -- I don't know, it was dirty or something. There were only leaves in it! I said I'd clean it myself, but he still said no because... something about there being no chlorine in the water or something. I still said it doesn't matter, but he STILL said no!!

And then I thought about having a sleepover. But stupid Junky was going to be staying be with my sister (Taylor) all day, and they, I don't know, were going out that night somewhere, and Dad -- as he said -- couldn't (well, didn't WANT to) look after all us alone. I told him he didn't have to do anything, that we wouldn't be too noisy and stuff, but -- you could guess. He said -- NO! Because, apparently, Taylor was the only one who was about to look after us.

And then I thought of a time when Taylor WOULD be around and wouldn't be with the retard, and it WASN'T at home, and I thought of horse riding! How awesome??!! Horse riding? What a dream come true for me:) Actually, it wasn't really like, a huge dream, Indi and I have just never ridden a horse, so I was like, yeah, birthday riding much. Anyway, the excuse was that it was too much money, and, even though Taylor's awesome, she couldn't afford it just like Dad. I was going to try and save up, but, I couldn't... because Dad said just to think of something else to do...PLEASE??

I kinda gave up then. I didn't think I was going to get ANY party. And the only thing he accepted was just for Indi and I to go to the movies IF Indi paid for her, and I paid for me, and IF I only invited one person, and IF Taylor agreed to come along with us.

I didn't like that idea. But it was the only one I got, so I did it anyway.

And it went heaps good... until that night.

Junky had to help his mom move or something, so Taylor was free -- finally. She drove Indi and I to the movies, and the whole way there, she was making us laugh SO hard! There was finally a joy in Tay, and it was awesome. Taylor hadn't laughed ever since she'd met Junky. And as soon as she was away from him, she was her own self again.

After the movies, I thought we were just going to drop Indi home and it would all be over, but Taylor had a  better idea:

"Hey, Bon -- wanna go and get some lunch?" Tay said, she was smiling so bright, I couldn't do anything but stare. She really WAS different when Junky wasn't around.

"Yeah... but I don't have enough money -- Dad would--"

"You don't need any money."
"But what about Indi?" I said.

Taylor was still smiling. "She doesn't need any money either."

"Really?" I said, eyebrows rising, "Than --?"

"I'll pay."

I didn't say anything.

"C'mon, it won't cost THAT much. Besides, it's your birthday, Bonnie, it's for you!"

I was shocked. I mean, I shouldn't have. We weren't poor, but I guess we weren't rich. I don't know, things had changed so much lately it was kind of like we really WERE poor. Considering Dad had said like no to everything that only used up like $2 worth of money.

I agreed to it, and Indi and I were SO excited!!!

Oh, I gotta go -- but I'll write later, I promise. I wish I could just tell you everything right now. But Indi's on the phone. I will be backkk!!!

Bonnie <3

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