It was just me and Indi that night, sitting next to each other telling tell ourselves all the deap secrets, blonde joke we had, and all our troubles and happy times, and the memories we had together. Which wasn't many, because I hadn't known her for THAT long. At least... not like some people who have known their besties for like, a hundred years, since "they were born" as lots of them said.

But no, Indi and I had just known each other for about a year. And yet we clicked like glue onto paper. We really did. And we told each other just about everything.

But right now, the lights were off, and everything was pitch black. Only because Dad said they had to be off. Indi, then, said how much she hated it when her Mum said to turn the lights off at like, 7:00 when she was nine. I laughed at that. I don't why. I just did. But I didn't reply. I just brought my knees to my chin and wrapped my arms around them, while I stared at the black wall infront of me.

"You okay?" Indi said to me after a while.
"Yeah," I said. It was half a lie, but half not.
"What's up?"
"...yeaah?" She had that tone of voice that made me want to spill out everything, but I wasn't sure if I should.
I sighed. And then I gave up. Yeah, I may as well spill everything out to her. "Okay. When we got home, do you remember Tay saying that she had to go out somewhere?"
"And Junky--"
"Oh yeah--yeah!" She stared at me, and I looked into her eyes. Or maybe I was looking at her forehead, I don't know, I couldn't tell because everything was so dark. But I could feel her sweet pressence, and the same worriedness that I had covering her.
"Do you think she'd be okay?"
"Are you saying... she's with Junky somewhere?" Indi said. Her voice actually seemed more firghtened than mine.
"That's what I think. At a... place." I looked back at the black wall.
"I think she'd be fine though," Indi said after a while. "Has anything ever happened with Junky and her... has she ever gotten drunk or hurt or--?"
"No... But I don't know why I'm affraid right now."
Indi didn't say anything. But I could sense her turning to look at the same wall I was staring at.
"Maybe I could call her." I said.
"Or maybe we could ask your dad."
"Or maybe we could just leave it..." I sighed again. "Yeah, maybe we're just imagining all this."
"Maybe we should just wait."

Sorry!!! I have to go and have lunchhh, urggg. Will write as soon as I'm backk:)

Bonnie <3


  1. omgoodness libby!! I love the layout of this blog!!! so cute!! Now i have to go back and and read to get caught up with the story :)
    luve Hannah ♥


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