My Books

I've written over ten books so far, and this my... I don't know... 13th book or something? If you would like to check out any of my other books, just click below:)


Emily Winston - Emily and her friends discover important things, and learn lessons in their walk with God (at only eight - 10 year old!) Young childrens book
BOOK 3 *coming soon*
BOOK 4 *coming soon*
BOOK 5 *still writing*

Madison - A ten year old girl with a heart full of pain, and life full of mess. But she meets the Lord, and that's the only thing that counts. Tweens Book.
BOOK 1,2,3 *coming soon*

Crystal Black - A young teenage girl with a whole bunch of mixed up thoughts. Should she do what all her friends are doing, or should she stay on the right path? Teens book.
BOOK 1 *coming soon*
BOOK 2 *Still writing*

Single Books:

Destiny - a teenage girl full of God, godly fun and life. Although, she doesn't know what her destiny is, and that's what she's going to find out. Teens book.
BOOK 1 *coming soon*

**Other books coming soon!!**