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Today is the day after Christmas, you know, that Eve kind of day. I can't believe I actually forget what its called. Or maybe that's because so much stuff is on my mind... too much... bad... horrible, terrible -- okay, just get to the point Bonnie!

Okay, so anyone, feel free to kill me. Seriously. Guess what Dad told me today? We're moving! yay....how...exciting :/ We've moved so many times, I'm dying a bit more everytime I get to a new school, having to make new friends... there's always new, new, new everything! I really hate that, you know. I was only just getting used to this school and this one girl, Indi that I've been getting along with, and then someone has to come along and like, ruin it for me. That always happens. And the first ruining time was when mom left.

My sister thought it was pretty lame too, except she's like heaps older, so she probably won't be moving with us 'cause she's got this guy in her life. I mean, yeah, I don't know, just this person. I don't really like him, he's a bit weird. He's names something like Junky...or maybe it's Jinky, I don't know, one or the other. He actually does look like junk. He acts like junk anyway.

Okay, enough of that, I'm getting so... anyway, yeah, so basically lifes gonna get even worse. I mean, Indi was awesome, I was like, so wanting to like, become... I don't know, really close friends, and then this stupid little plan ruins everything!

Anyway, you probably hate my complaining so I better stop, but that's what's happening in my life right now. But I guess there IS one thing that can make me sort of smile... I'm turning 13 tomorrow!! I'm so excited -- I'm gonna be a teenager! YAY!

I don't know what I should do for my party... any suggestions???? :)

Bonnie <3

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